The Star Warriors , Team 6 bested the overall title in the recently concluded competition on the VMA Sports fest 2019, held at the VMA main campus in Earl Carol St. Brgy. Sum- ag, Bacolod City.
Team 6, spearheaded by Mr. Edwin Benitez, likewise got the 2nd runner up in the literary musical and dance competition, and 1st runner up in sports and campus brawl competition.
Several winners from team 7, led by Engr. Sebastian Puntal was the 1st runner up, team 8 headed by Mr. Josuah Paber got 2nd, Team 4 of Mr. Rene Alcala 3rd, team 5 by Mrs. Rosela Baylon 4th , team 2 by Mr. Merson Celeste 5th, team 3 by Mrs. Jesseree Torrechilla was the 6th and team 1 led by Engr. Genesis Sanchez was the 7th runner up in the overall competition.
The sports fest celebration served as the perfect opportune for the students, faculty and staff to unite and showcase their talents, comradeship and sportsmanship for excellence, Dr. Elizabeth Salabas, articulated.
The activities were highlighted by the search for Mr. and Ms VMA 2019, and was graced by the Chairman of the college, Atty. John N. Orola , and President, Dr. Elizabeth O. Salabas, presented by the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Remedios Johanna S. Vargas. * PROfficer- jgmacaranas


VMA College And High School Neophytes 2019- 2020 Undergo Rites Of Passage

Dr. Elizabeth Orola Salabas warmly welcomed the parents, faculty , staff and students , during the Neophytes Orientation , Recognition and Pinning Ceremony in VMA Global College and Training Centers, Inc., held recently at the VMA gymnasium.
Some 2,161 freshmen students enrolled in different bachelors’ degree and\ senior high programs of the college participated in the 3 days NOP, one of the important events of the college, witnessed by the parents, guardians, faculty and staff

Day 1 on July 19, 2019 was the Pre NOP Orientation and on the onset in the morning of July 25 to 26, Colleges’ Vision, Mission and Objectives were discussed before the orientation of the code of conduct and discipline facilitated by Discipline Officer,CPO Dionisio Milano.
Undertaken during the afternoon’s symposium were the important topics related to substance, abuse, addictions, bullying, peer pressure, HIV Aids, and STD awareness.
In the morning of Day 3, neophytes exposed themselves outside to meet some challenges prepared for them in a form of various kinds of obstacle course.
Then the recognition and pinning ceremony held on August 17, 2019, were excitedly witnessed by their parents and guardians.
2/M Gilbert Juesna, Dean of Maritime Studies explained the significance of NOP proceeded by the testimonies of Mdshpmn Ruben J. Balgos , BSMT1 and Lucy Mae C. Bustamante, BSBA1 on their NOP experiences.
CPO Dionisio L. Milano, Jr. PN (Ret.), Chairman of the Training and Initiation Committee presented the neophytes for recognition.
Dr. Elizabeth O. Salabas, VMA President, then recognized the neophytes by giving her words of inspiration.
As the students started to step in at this campus, h/she immediately have to undergo many severe difficulties and obstacles as part of the colleges’ implementation of “ DISCIPLINE” which is is the unique way of emphasizing the brand vision and mission to the college and senior high neophytes . Dr. Salabas articulated .
" You are now ready to compete globally . Surely our Dear God Almighty will bless everyone as you starts your journey here in VMA , while coping with every rigors and challenges along the way aiming to become strong, gritty and smart professionals." . Salabas, added.
Boards were then pinned on the shoulders of the College Students. * PR Officer/ Chief Librarian


Blood Letting Activity

Please help support our blood letting activity on August 23, 2019, 8:00-5:00 @the RSB Gym.DONATE BLOOD & HELP SAVE LIVES!



"Whatever is good for the heart is good for the Brain" . Want to feel more balanced Stronger, and Healthy? Come and Join us, here @ VMA GLOBAL COLLEGE & TRAINING CENTERS, INC. , 46th Founding Anniversary , featuring : " The Zumba Fitness & Dance Party with DJ's .

The Zumba fitness willl start at 5 pm followed by a Dance Party @ 6:30 onwards, on March 1, 2019.

"Zumba involves following and participating in sequenced movements, an activity that creates new brain cells. Basically, the more brain mass you have, the longer it will take for the disease to eat it away."

Get to a Zumba Health Fitness , enjoy @ the Dance Party , and you will be amazed with the changes.。*

PROfficer/ Chief Librarian - jgm


VMA Observe National Maritime Week 2018

n pursuit to the Philippine’s order under the Presidential Proclamation No. 1560 which was issued on July 17, 2008, The VMA Global College and Training Centers, Inc., celebrates Maritime Day on September 26, Wednesday, anchored on the theme, “ Marinong Filipino : Kayamanan ng Lahi”, in its expansive gymnasium at Earl Carol St.Brgy. Sum- ag, Bacolod City

This day marks the significant transformation in the way VMA deals with the Maritime students, as the forefront to encourage each other and public’s attention on the welfare of the Seafarers and maritime concerns.

Truly, the VMA administration look forward to the yearly National Maritime Day as the opportunity for all especially the government and the wider maritime community to convene for knowledge- sharing , for a roundtable discussion on issues and concerns related to maritime administration, seminars, and other fun filled activities like, Maritime Quiz bee, Search for the VMA’s Model Cadets, Amazing race, videoke challenge and maritime boodle fight.

Robert James Juesna of BSMT- 1 A, crowned as VMA Model Cadet 2018, while Kyle Labansawan is the 1st Runner up, David John Lloid got the 2nd runner up , 3rd and 4rth Runner Up , Michael John Laguyo and Noli Christian Sitjar.

Topped the competition is BSMT 1 –golf, then 1st to 6th placer are BSMT 1 – I, BSMT 1-F, BSMT 1- A, G12 STEM A, G 12 STEM- B and G11 STEM MAR- G.

It is a whole day celebration organized by the Supreme Students Government Council of VMA , spearheaded by 2/M Gilbert Juesna, Dean of Maritime Studies and 2/M Narciso Destacamento, the Shipboard Training Officer * JG MACARANAS – Chief Librarian/ PR Officer.


VMA BSHRM AND BSTM Students Reap Gold, Silver, Bronze And Diploma Awards

Once again, the BS Hotel Restaurant Management ( BSHRM) and BS Tourism Management (BSTM) students of VMA GLOBAL COLLEGE & TRAINING CENTERS, INC. surpassed in the competitions held in Dumaguete City , on September 21-22, 2018 , during the Convention and Skills Olympics 2018, organized by the Council of Hotel and Restaurant Education of the Philippines (COHREP).
The skills competition aims to showcase the skills and prowess of the HRM and Tourism students of all HEI’s from the Region.

Gold Medalists in Flair Bartending Challenge are Krisha Jade C. Dioteles, and Ma. Clenia May I. Roma, both of them are BSHRM IV – A, who trained by Mr. Danilo Plomeda, VMA Bartending Trainor.
Another Gold award, in Buffet Table Skirting with Centerpiece Making competition was given to April Lyne P. Ablao , Kathy D. Edulag , both in BSHRM IV- B, and Realyn N. Dorinila of BSHRM IV-A .
While, Jemark Belarmino of BSHRM IV- A, got the Silver Award in dessert flambe, followed by the team Eman G. Caro, Valerie Mae V. Muchuelas and Dave S. Delgado, also BSHRM IV – A, won the Bronze award in On the Spot Table Setting Challenge.
Another bronze award for Napkin folding was given to Donessa E. Santoyo of BSHRM IV-A.
The BSTM IV students, Ellaine Angelique S. Sona , Carl N. Beboso, together with Dhonna M. Garbanzos, along with Ruffa R. Abarillo, who joined in the Domestic, International Tour Guiding and Domestic Tour Package Proposal competition, also reaped the Silver, Bronze and Diploma awards.
The students obtained inspiration and expert guidance from their Trainor’s, Mr. Edwin P. Benetiz, Mrs. Mercerose E. Rafil, Mr. Danilo Plomeda and Mrs. Rose Ann A. Villarias , all are Faculty Members of the College, led by the enthusiast, one of the leaders in public service and the expert in Hospitality management, Mr. Heries V. Trance , Dean of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management/ Hospitality Management and Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management (BSTM).
*- Jg-macaranas- Chief Librarian/PROfficer

Philippine MICE which stands for Meetings

On the morning of 29 November, 2018, Thursday, the expansive gymnasium of VMA GLOBAL COLLEGE and Training Centers, Inc. filled with a joyful spirit while VMA Administration, Cadets, and staff, led by Dr. Elizabeth O. Salabas, President of the College with the Vice President for Administration Epifania O. Balenia, wait for the arrival of some 300 participants of MICECON 2018 to dine for lunch and witness the unique symbolic launching of the first Philippine MICECON in Negros Occidental .

Philippine MICE which stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibits, started when the Philippines hosted the International Monetary Fund- World Bank Joint Conference which done succesfully and paved the way for the Philippines to enter into the world cmventions market. It was 1976 , when the development of the Philippine convention industry became official, establishment of the first full- fledged convention center in South East Asia which is the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC ), and the creation of the Philippine Convention Bureau , now known as Tourism Promotions Board ( TPB)
From then on, meetings, conventions and incentive travel developed slowly for the advancement and betterment of the tourism industry through wider representation encompassing exhibitions and events which serve as a platform for the stakeholders to learn from global experts on the new trends and approaches, methods and insights, inspiration and energy drawn from their message to achieve the greater heights of one's career.
The PhIlippine MICECON which is usually held in Manila, as the Convention Cities of the World, now held this 2018 in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, also known as the City of Smiles.
VMA GLOBAL COLLEGE and TRAINING CENTERS, INC. , as one of the Partner host venue of MICE , led by ATTY. JOHN N. OROLA, City Administrator in collaboration with the Government Security Insurance System (GSIS), headed by its President and General Manager, Jesus "Clint" Aranas, hosted their lunch on the last day of the events.
Resorts Negrense and SMX Bacolod , also the partner host venue of Philippine MICECON 2018. * PR Officer/ Chief Librarian - Jgmacaranas


VMA BSBA Students Render Excellent Library OJT

Fourth year BSBA students of VMA GLOBAL COLLEGE & TRAINING CENTERS, INC. receive appreciation from the Chief Librarian on their excellent " On Job Training " at VMA GLOBAL COLLEGE AND TRAINING CENTERS, INC. , on November 13, 2018, in its expansive library at Asian Learning Center.
Ms. Khasmer A. Bismar, Joana V. Claridad and Gerla L. Saylongo, performed various tasks in the library to complete its 50 Hrs duty , in pursuit to one of the requisite of the College for the graduating students, called " On Job Training ".

On job training Program , also known as OJT, is one of the primary tool for the advancement of the students to their future permanent employment. Likewise, a hands-on method of teaching the skills, knowledge, and competencies needed for students to execute a specific task within the workplace wherein they can gain more knowledge and experience for their future endeavor . * Chief Librarian/ PR Officer - Jgmacaranas...


The National Book Month Celebration 2018

Some 175 Junior High School Students of VMA GLOBAL COLLEGE AND TRAINING CENTERS, INC. participated in the opening celebration of National Book Month 2018 on November 7, 2018 , at the VMA Library, ASIAN Learning Center in Brgy. Sum- ag, Bacolod City.

The National Book Month Celebration 2018 , anchored on the theme, " Connected Actions, Collective Vision, Libraries Transforming Society " , aims to develop mental skills of the students through reading of books in various formats, magazines and newspapers, for it is one way of upholding the academics of the school and regular utiilization of books in the library.
VMA Library prepared some worthwhile activities that promotes total awareness on the significance of books and library in all walks of life.
The art work demonstration is one of the components of the activities which has a notable impact to the student's orientation on arts . A visitor who is a junior high school teacher from India, visited the campus to show his paper art skills to the students in variety of designs to be used for christmas decors, stage decors, bulletin boards, among others. Creating various designs made of japanese paper can be mastered through its guide books available in vma library.
" Guess What?, Book trivia or quiz taken from the library resources including on- line researches , " Find the Web " and free viewing of educational DVD's are other activities to be held every week, until November 30, 2018. * Chief Librarian / PROfficer - jgmacaranas


MA GLOBAL COLLEGE & TRAINING CENTERS, INC . Joins In The Inauguration Of Maritime Industry Authority ( MARINA) Extension Office In Bacolod City.

One of the prestigious Maritime Institutions in the Province of Negros Occidental take part in the recent inauguration of MARINA here in Bacolod City, led by its President, Commodore Elizabeth Orola Salabas, PCGA with the City Administrator and Chairperson , Atty Juan N. Orola, Jr. , and the Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Remedios Johanna S, Vargas.

The launching started with a welcome address by the MARINA -6 Regional Director Engineer Rizal Victoria who opined that MARINA extension office aims to give quality service for the Maritime Professionals while processing their documents and advancing the interest of Bacolodnon’s who need not to go to Manila to take examinations related to Deck and Engine professions. It will also serve as venue for training and research for the maritime industry.
The Representative Angkla Partylist, Joselito Manalo gratefully acknowledge the great contribution of the Provincial Government through the kindhearted support of the good Governor Alfredo Maranon who approved the allocation of an area intended for the extension office in Panaad Park .
“ In collaboration with the Local Government Units ( LGU), Philippine’s future is to become a Maritime Nation , as the Angkla Partylist desired to happen “ Manalo , added .
Gov. Marañon , responded to Manalo , and likewise acknowledged his support as one of the instrument in bringing good quality maritime services in the country.
“ The provincial government had provided scholarship grants to those who are competent and want to pursue their maritime profession, but financially unstable”. Maranon, added.
MARINA was attached to the Department of Transportation and Communication, by virtue of Executive Order No. 546 and assumed the quasi-judicial functions of the Board of Transportation (BOT) over domestic transport by virtue of Executive Order 1011, however, pursuant to Republic Act No. 10635, it was established as the single maritime administration, responsible for the implementation and enforcement of the 1978 International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, as amended, and International Agreements or Covenants. *
PROfficer/ Chief Librarian- jgmacaranas



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