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How to Enroll?

New and Transferee Students for S.Y. 2022-2023

Please take note that we are now accepting walk-in applicants only, Visit our Guidance office for the Entrance Examination. Entrance Examination Fee is 150.00 pesos.

Documentary and Medical Requirements

All original copy of your documents must be handed over to the respective offices/departments.

Medical Requirements

For Maritime College and High School Students :

1. Ishihara Test/Visual Acuity
2. Hearing Test
3. Stool Exam
4. Urinalysis
5. Chest X-Ray Result
6. CBC, Blood Typing
7. HBSAg
8. Drug Test (For Graduating College Students Only)

For Non-Maritime College and High School Students:

1. Stool Exam
2. Urinalysis
3. X-Ray Result
4. CBC
5. HBSAg
6. Drug Test (Graduating College Students Only)
HbsAg test is not required for students who have completed their Hepa-B vaccination and those who have started and are on schedule with their vaccination.

Registrar Documentary Requirements


1. Form 138 (High School Report Card)
2. Birth Certificate
3. 2x2 Colored Picture (White Background)
4. Good Moral Certificate


Please settle your lacking requirements at the Registrar's Office.


1. Birth Certificate
2. 2x2 Colored Picture (White Background)
3. Good Moral Certificate
4. Transcript of Records (TOR) *
5. Honorable Dismissal *

RETURNEE (All Levels)

1. Clearance from VMA Accounting
2. Evaluation of Subject/Grade Requirements
3. Medical Certificate

Additional for JHS/SHS

1. ESC Certificate / QVR Certificate (for ESC or FAPE recepients)