VMA College And High School Neophytes 2019- 2020 Undergo Rites Of Passage

Dr. Elizabeth Orola Salabas warmly welcomed the parents, faculty , staff and students , during the Neophytes Orientation , Recognition and Pinning Ceremony in VMA Global College and Training Centers, Inc., held recently at the VMA gymnasium.
Some 2,161 freshmen students enrolled in different bachelors’ degree and\ senior high programs of the college participated in the 3 days NOP, one of the important events of the college, witnessed by the parents, guardians, faculty and staff

Day 1 on July 19, 2019 was the Pre NOP Orientation and on the onset in the morning of July 25 to 26, Colleges’ Vision, Mission and Objectives were discussed before the orientation of the code of conduct and discipline facilitated by Discipline Officer,CPO Dionisio Milano.
Undertaken during the afternoon’s symposium were the important topics related to substance, abuse, addictions, bullying, peer pressure, HIV Aids, and STD awareness.
In the morning of Day 3, neophytes exposed themselves outside to meet some challenges prepared for them in a form of various kinds of obstacle course.
Then the recognition and pinning ceremony held on August 17, 2019, were excitedly witnessed by their parents and guardians.
2/M Gilbert Juesna, Dean of Maritime Studies explained the significance of NOP proceeded by the testimonies of Mdshpmn Ruben J. Balgos , BSMT1 and Lucy Mae C. Bustamante, BSBA1 on their NOP experiences.
CPO Dionisio L. Milano, Jr. PN (Ret.), Chairman of the Training and Initiation Committee presented the neophytes for recognition.
Dr. Elizabeth O. Salabas, VMA President, then recognized the neophytes by giving her words of inspiration.
As the students started to step in at this campus, h/she immediately have to undergo many severe difficulties and obstacles as part of the colleges’ implementation of “ DISCIPLINE” which is is the unique way of emphasizing the brand vision and mission to the college and senior high neophytes . Dr. Salabas articulated .
" You are now ready to compete globally . Surely our Dear God Almighty will bless everyone as you starts your journey here in VMA , while coping with every rigors and challenges along the way aiming to become strong, gritty and smart professionals." . Salabas, added.
Boards were then pinned on the shoulders of the College Students. * PR Officer/ Chief Librarian


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