23 students of VMA GLOBAL COLLEGE & TRAINING CENTERS, INC. Student Supreme Government attends the Launching of Federalism in Negros at the Osbron Hall of Ikthus Equipping Center in Bacolod City Saturday [July 29].
The information campaign is in support of the centerpiece program of the President Rodrigo Roa Duterte for the youth to be informed and enlightened about the importance of federalism in their future, likewise to give them the chance to express their thoughts , aspirations and hope for the country .
It is about the promotion of economic opportunities in the regions and incentives for Filipinos; to bring back the trust of people to the government , for it is not just a political undertaking, but also an economic effort. It allows regions to exercise self- determination to address the problems based on the geographic, cultural, social and economic conditions. PROfficer-jgmacaranas


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