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Research & Development Office (RDO)


VMA Global College and Training Centers, Inc. – Research and Development Office aims to implement and develop a pool of logical, critical, and ethical research-related experiences to maritime, hospitality, tourism, and high school students as one of the tri-fold functions of the institution to improve instruction and generate extension for the school and community.

Specific Objectives for Research and Development

1. Build and promote an identity that increases the office’s visibility, recognition, and reputation
2. Improve research program and packaging
3. Enhance Faculty and Personnel Research Competitiveness and broad range of disciplines
4. Enrich research culture, productivity, and compliance
5. Increase effective utilization of research outputs
6. Enhance student research competitiveness and broad range of disciplines
7. Strengthen partnership and collaboration for a sustainable community development
8. Establish committees for quality assurance system for linkages and institutional engagements
9. Improve Research and Development Office for faculty, staff, and students

Organizational Structure

Contact Information