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Quality Assurance Office


The Quality Assurance Office is an essential component of our institution's operational framework. Tasked with aiding the President's Office in the effective implementation of the Educational Organization Management System (EOMS) throughout our institution, our responsibilities encompass all three campuses (VMA Global College, VMA Training Center, and VMA Technical Education and Skills Training Center and Assessment Center), as well as every office, academic and training program operating within these campuses. Our core function revolves around ensuring compliance with the established standards and regulations, notably those set by MARINA, CHED, DEPED, and TESDA.

In addition to regulatory compliance and internal quality audits, we are also dedicated to overseeing the implementation of the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle for the educational and training products and services offered by our institution. This systematic approach ensures that our offerings are continually improved, meeting the highest standards of quality and effectiveness.

Furthermore, our office extends its support to each department in the institution by assisting in strategic and action planning. This includes conducting risk analysis procedures to identify potential challenges and opportunities, enabling our institution to proactively address them in pursuit of its mission to provide high-quality education and training services.

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