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Human Resource Department


The Human Resource and Development (HRD) aims to meet the needs of the non-teaching personnel through the Human Resource and Development policies and procedures; and to ensure its implementation in consonance with the existing organizational goals and structure of the Institution.

Specifically, the Human Resource and Development Office will:

1. Develop a continuous, comprehensive orientation program for new and existing faculty and staff.
2. Improve appraisal of non-teaching personnel qualification, performance, skills and attitude for just and fair compensation and promotion
3. Implement careful selection and hiring of qualified personnel.
4. Provide education and training to faculty and staff to enrich their careers.
5. Develop research outputs that is aligned to the institutional research agenda
6. Implement the provision of government mandated benefits and privileges as embodied in the Labor Code of the Philippines.
7. Implement comprehensive records management.
8. Collaborate with the clients to develop and support a culture that promotes a healthy life style

Organizational Structure

Contact Information
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