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Date: December 23, 2023

VMA joyously embraces the Christmas season, uniting in love and harmony. Atty. Juan Orola, VMA Chairman, emphasizes Christmas as a unique time for meaningful connections that transcend generations. Proudly showcasing their commitment and values, Atty. Juan N. Orola highlights VMA's enduring spirit and legacy, symbolized by the presence of the Orola siblings, children with their spouses and grand children Joined by esteemed guests, Capt. Leuel P. Osena, Dr. Elizabeth O. Salabas, and Atty. Juan N. Orola, VMA finds inspiration in unity. The introduction of a seafaring course to VMA Alumni underscores the institution's dedication to the long-term stability and growth of the seafaring industry's legacy. Speakers throughout the festivities express confidence in VMA's lasting legacy. Dr. Elizabeth O. Salabas and Atty. Juan N. Orola project a legacy 200 years into the future, ensuring a profound impact for generations. Warm wishes are extended to all, fostering unity, love, and hope for the years ahead. As the celebration concludes, Dr. Elizabeth O. Salabas, Atty. Juan N. Orola, and the entire VMA family collectively contribute to a legacy that stands the test of time.