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Courses Offered

Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation

(3 years Academic Requirements and 1 Year Shipboard Training)

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Dean of Maritime Studies

The only Maritime School in Negros Occidental with its own Training Centers for TESDA Courses and its Maritime Cadets.

College of Maritime Studies

General Objectives:

The Maritime Studies through the BSMT and BSMAR-E programs will provide and equip students with knowledge, understanding, proficiencies, skills, competences, attitudes and values to qualify and prepare students for assessment and certification as Officer-in-Charge of a Navigational Watch (OICNW) on seagoing ships of 500 gross tonnage or more and Officer-in-Charge of an Engine Watch (OICEW) in a manned engine-room of designated duty engineer officer in a periodically unmanned engine room on seagoing ships powered by main propulsion machinery over 750 kw propulsion power or more and produce graduates who are qualified to pursue a professional career or advanced studies in a related maritime field of specialization.

Program Requirements:
1. General Health

 Candidates must be physically, mentally and emotionally fit. Epilepsy, impaired vision, color blindness, badly impaired hearing, insanity, or any other disability, which might prevent the candidate from performing the normal or standard duties of an officer at sea, would preclude admission for maritime license programs.
  a) Visual Acuity
   Deck Candidate: Minimum 20/20 in each eye, correctable to at least 20/40 in each eye.
  b) Color Perception
   Deck Candidate: Must pass one of the color tests without use of color sensing lenses: Ishihara, Pseudoisochromic Plates, Farnsworth or Williams Lantern, Keystone Orthoscope, Keystone Telebinocular, SAMCT or Titmus Optical VisionTester
  c) Hepatitis Screening and Immunization
   Deck students must undergo Hepatitis screening or HBSAg within the prescribed screening period. The student should have a “NON-REACTIVE’ result in HBSAg before having his/her immunization. Students with “REACTIVE’ result and are willing to pursue his/her course, must sign a waiver. A referral must then be made to the Academy Physician for consultation and medical management. This procedure is undertaken to secure students future for employment in terms of medical examinations.

2. Age upon entry:

 15-21 years old.

3. Height Requirement:

 Male - 5`2" or 156cm.
 Female - 5`0" or 150cm.

4. With good moral character

5. Must pass the school's entrance examination.

Professions / Career Opportunities
1. A graduate of BSMT program may find careers in:
 a. Merchant Marine Profession
 b. Maritime Industry
   a1. Shipbuilding and Repair
   a2. Ship Operations and Management
   a3. Port Operation and Management
   a4. Ship Surveying and Inspection
   a5. Offshore Industry
 c. Maritime Education and Training
 d. Government
   d1. Philippine Navy
   d2. Philippine Coast Guard
   d3. Maritime Industry Authority
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