Privacy Policy for Students, Admission Applicants and Alumni: Page 2 of 5

  1. and study tours; and (4) any disciplinary incident that you may be involved in, including accompanying  sanctions. There will also be times when we will acquire other forms of data like  pictures  or  videos  of  activities  you  participate  in,  via  official  documentation  of  such activities,  or  through  recordings  from  closed-circuit  security  television  cameras  installed within school premises.
  2. Unsolicited Information.  There  may  be  instances  when  personal  information  is  sent  to  or received by us even without our prior request. In such cases, we will determine if we can legitimately keep such information.  If it is not related to any of our legitimate  interests, we will  immediately  dispose  of  the  information  in  a  way  that  will  safeguard  your  privacy. Otherwise, it will be treated in the same manner as information you provide us. If you supply us with personal data of other individuals (e.g., person to contact in the event of an emergency), we will request you to certify that you have obtained the consent of such individuals before providing us with their personal data.

How We Use Your Information

To  the  extent  permitted  or  required  by  law,  we  use  your  personal  data  to pursue  our  legitimate interests  as  an  educational  institution,  including  a  variety  of  academic,  administrative,  research, historical, and statistical purposes. For example, we may use the information we collect for purposes such as:

  1. evaluating applications for admission to the VMAGCTCI;
  2. processing  confirmation  of incoming,  transfer,  cross-registering,  or non-degree  students  in preparation for enrollment;
  3. recording, generating, and maintaining student records of academic, co-curricular, and extra- curricular progress;
  4. recording, storing, and evaluating student work, such as homework, seatwork, quizzes, long tests, exams, term papers, theses, dissertations, culminating or integrating projects, research papers, reflection papers, essays and presentations;
  5. recording, generating, and maintaining records, whether manually, electronically, or by other means, of grades, academic history, class schedules, class attendance and participation in curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities;
  6. establishing and maintaining student information systems;
  7. sharing  of grades between  and among faculty members,  and others with legitimate  official need, for academic deliberations and evaluation of student performance;
  8. processing  scholarship  applications,  grants,  allowances,  reports  to  benefactors,  and  other forms of financial assistance;
  9. investigating   incidents   that   relate   to   student   behavior   and   implementing   disciplinary measures;
  10. maintaining directories and alumni records;
  11. compiling and generating reports for statistical and research purposes;
  12. providing services such as health, insurance, counseling, information technology, library, sports/recreation,  transportation, parking,
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