Gilbert v. Juesna, Renato L. Vargas


VMA Global College

Date Published: 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016 - 10:45

A study to determine the level of awareness of coastal residents of Barangay Punta Taytay on marine pollution and prevention was conducted by the faculty and students of VMA Global College to formulate activities and programs suitable to educate them. From nine (9) out of its 17 Puroks, 353 residents were made respondents, majority of which were aged 40-49 (28%); female (56%); high school graduates (27%); and Roman Catholics (75.07%).

The residents manifested a very high extent level of awareness on how to prevent marine pollution (m=4.40). This could be the result of various trainings and symposia conducted by VMA and other concerned groups in coordination with the brgy. council. They were most aware of the Barangay Ordinances to prevent marine pollution that should be strictly observed.

Their awareness in identifying the sources of marine pollution (m=4.16), the effect of on their livelihood and health (m=4.19), and the effects to the marine environment (m=3.92) were all of high extent , although they were least aware of oxygen depletion as a very effect that cause death of the marine ecosystems.

There existed no significant relationship between the residents' level of awareness in terms of identifying sources of marine pollution; effects to the marine environment; and marine pollution prevention; their profile in terms of age, sex, and educational attainment.

The respondents manifested that the programs that could best enhance their level of awareness were coastal clean-up activity (28.90%); film showing (23.23%) and mangrove planting (18.70%). They showed less interest in the conduct of symposium on waste management (14.45%).

It was recommended to the VMA administration, that prior to the conduct coastal clean-ups and mangrove planting forming part of its community extension program, film showing activities for the community in order to enhance awareness on preventing marine pollution prevention and protection of the marine environment be facilitated; and that the barangay officials enact ordinaces that would enhance resident's awareness on marine pollution and prevention, encourage them attend seminars, symposia and film showing activities; and implement penalties to those who violate proper waste disposal.

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