Engr. Marvin Angay, Engr. Sebastian Puntal


VMA Global College

Date Published: 

Thursday, March 31, 2016 - 11:45

Environmental sustainability is defined as meeting the resources and services needs of current and future generations without compromising the health of the ecosystem that provide them (John Morelli, 2009). In ecological sustainability, as a conversion concept, the authors advanced ecological definition of sustainability that connects human needs and ecosystem service meeting human needs without compromising the health of ecosystem. They propose this concept as a guiding principle for areas where human activities take place (Callicott and Mumford).

The real scenario happening in our planet iis that too much is extracted from her and too much thrown in to her (in the form of waste). Any LGU, organization and institution also face in the same dilemma.

The need for environmentally sustainable school is the battle cry of environmental professionals. Many school in the US have already adopted "Green School" programs gearing towards an environmental-sustainable academe.

This study is anchored in this principle. It aimed to evaluate the environmental sustainability of VMA Global College. The areas of assessment are its energy, water and solid waste management. Energy and water consumption trends and waste characterization survey was conducted to serve as baseline data which can be used to formulate conservation program.

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