The National Book Month Celebration 2018

Some 175 Junior High School Students of VMA GLOBAL COLLEGE AND TRAINING CENTERS, INC. participated in the opening celebration of National Book Month 2018 on November 7, 2018 , at the VMA Library, ASIAN Learning Center in Brgy. Sum- ag, Bacolod City.

The National Book Month Celebration 2018 , anchored on the theme, " Connected Actions, Collective Vision, Libraries Transforming Society " , aims to develop mental skills of the students through reading of books in various formats, magazines and newspapers, for it is one way of upholding the academics of the school and regular utiilization of books in the library.
VMA Library prepared some worthwhile activities that promotes total awareness on the significance of books and library in all walks of life.
The art work demonstration is one of the components of the activities which has a notable impact to the student's orientation on arts . A visitor who is a junior high school teacher from India, visited the campus to show his paper art skills to the students in variety of designs to be used for christmas decors, stage decors, bulletin boards, among others. Creating various designs made of japanese paper can be mastered through its guide books available in vma library.
" Guess What?, Book trivia or quiz taken from the library resources including on- line researches , " Find the Web " and free viewing of educational DVD's are other activities to be held every week, until November 30, 2018. * Chief Librarian / PROfficer - jgmacaranas


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